Healing Matter: The Fix It Industry

The Fix-it Industry – Part 1 of a three-part series

Got a headache? Pop a Tylenol. Back hurting you? Take an Advil. Feeling blue for no good reason? Get your Xanax on. Stressed out? Valium it is!

Here’s the bitter pill you’re really being forced to swallow. The medical establishment wants to micromanage your body, feeling quite certain that you have no ability to do so on your own. If they could share what they really think, they’d probably say, “Oh, the body – it’s such a complicated machine like you wouldn’t believe! Only we (the medical community) know best, so leave it to us. And here’s these targeted chemical delivery systems we synthesized for you to be pain-free and happy.”

And are you really happy? Is one pill ever really enough? Sure, the chemicals do their job. They elicit the right neurotransmitters from the brain to release the chemicals we’re running short of or producing too much of, or instruct the glands to produce the appropriate hormones to calm or energize us. You get relief and respite and move on. It’s all about treating the symptoms, isn’t it?

However, once the colloquial fire has been put out for now, are you ever really in the clear permanently? There come those familiar friends again – the aches, pains, low energy, nervousness, knots, insomnia… Out come the pills all over. Rinse and repeat. You become dependent on the pills that aim to treat the daily and habitual ills of civilization. You overextend yourself too much; you stress yourself out abundantly; you carry more burdens than you can handle; you run out of steam more often; and overall, your overall mental armour wears down and the physical toll adds up. Then, you naturally turn to the medically sanctioned remedies, so that you, your body, and mind can continue to meet expectations and perform and behave within the parameters you’re accustomed to.

And then there’s the side-effects. Are pharmaceuticals truly a precise science that targets your specific physiology the way it ideally deserves? Nope. Most of the research done is a numbers game. Statistically speaking, so-and-so drug has proven to elicit so-and-so response in nearly 76% of subjects with so-and-so recognized side-effects. So, for every drug introduced, there’s a sorry bunch of outliers experiencing the sort of additional suffering that may not have even been worth the initial “cure.” And this is acceptable?

We don’t believe so.

We believe that, at the heart of anything curative, the body must be allowed to return to a state of homeostasis. A balanced state where it’s capable of repairing, restoring, and renewing itself to prevent infections and illness, experience fewer wild fluctuations in energy, and mitigate pain when and where it presents itself. Remember how the medical industry believes you are not in control of your own body? The fundamental approach there is to fix things for the time being. There is no longer or bigger picture (holistic) present. It’s not about returning your body to homeostasis or true well-being. It’s not about ensuring the garden is healthy, so that no weeds grow on it or pests infest it.

So, you ask, is there an alternative? We at Healing Matter believe there is.

Stay tuned for our next post…. Access Part 2 and Part 3 here.

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