Healing Matter: Take Matter Into Your Own Hands

Take Matter into your own hands

We’re flawed, imperfect creatures. We shouldn’t be ashamed of admitting that, so there should be no stigma associated with seeking help and relief from suffering somewhere. But do we want the sort of relief that sedates us or the sort of that helps us be more aware of our body, our self?

The latter. Because painkillers = sedation. Antidepressants = sedation. You may need them at some point in life, but ideally not as a chronic and constant feature of life. And not as the sole means to be aware of that “separate” thing called your body. We don’t think we should feel ashamed or hide the fact that we do get stressed and become nervous balls and that we do get upset with the reality of having chronic aches and pains. Because, you know what, the world is rigged to beat us up, one way or another. All that stuff is what makes up our stories and what makes us real. Human. It can humble us if we chose to.

But, the reality is that most of us aren’t all that well-designed to cope and be resilient against what the world throws at us, with our crutches and coping mechanisms not always up to snuff. We put on a good show and try to deal with the hardships that come along as best we can. But, we have a choice as to how to respond to that. It can be a resigned response, where you surrender responsibility for your own body and medicate yourself. Sedate yourself. Or one where you choose to face some of those pains, those fears, and your responses to them. With time, you may even look at your reactions to some of those sore points – those facts of life that may never go away – and feel compassion and perhaps even a “shaking-your-head” sort of humour at how they tormented you. Now how do you begin to move in that direction?

Plants can help provide the healing signals along the way to that place. You get beat up, they fix you by steering you or signalling you along a possibly better path. They help you connect to your body in a way that is the opposite of sedation and give you the calmness/clarity or energy/vigour to overcome the physical/mental hurdles holding you back, instead of numbing it down (which is sort of the equivalent of brushing it under the carpet). Again, you can very well apply plant essences on yourself like you would pop a pill, thinking nothing other than “fix me!,” and they will very likely help you in that goal. Remember, when dealing with pure, distilled natural essential oils, we’re talking about powerful stuff. But impatience and skepticism can keep you unaware of what you may hear and learn about yourself and it may not be long before you find yourself going back faithfully to the tried and tested familiarity of sedation.

Let’s face it – life always finds a way to introduce those pains, fears, and doubts and most of our bodies and minds are just designed to absorb and internalize them and carry that weight and those wounds around like a familiar blanket. So let’s not kid ourselves that through solely our own efforts can we hope to overcome it all and transcend them permanently in some sort of post-egoic Nirvana and yogic perfection – that we are completely self-sufficient and above it all. That’s just arrogance or foolishness, or both. Nor do we need to feel like we have no choice other than to oscillate between the poles of feeling highly weak/frightened/vulnerable or highly powerful/dominant/exploitative as our only reactions to life. Both extremes are unsustainable and just plain unfulfilling, so can again lead us down the path of self-medication and sedation. Fact is, we could use some help. The type that may benefit us beyond our expectations in the long run.

Let’s see that there’s another alternative to pull us out of this negative feedback loop. Let’s trust nature’s got our backs, if we allow it. And accept it humbly and listen. In taking matter into our own hands and trusting nature (yes, the same one that created us) we’re allowing ourselves to be helped and at the same time, feeling like we have more of a say in that process. So, give it a shot and open the door to potentially feel better, improve your outlook, perhaps embrace your flaws and deficiencies and imperfections, and live a more chill and humble life. There’s literally tons less harm than trying and sticking to the conventional approach. And no one’s suggesting you quit convention cold-turkey. We even feel that a mixed bag containing more help from products using natural plant essential oils and less and less reliance on conventional sedatives/ painkillers/ antidepressants/ steroids/ amphetamines and so on, is A-OK! Who’s judging?

So, we invite you to take (healing) matter into your own hands, keep it real, and be more connected to yourself and the authentic you. The healthier you.

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