Our Vision & Our Story

Healing Matter was started with the vision that we can be good to ourselves, our bodies and our health. As founders, we have strongly believed in helping ourselves without relying too much on conventional pharmaceuticals and have applied this principle most of our lives. Now, looking to Mother Nature and finding inspiration from her treasure trove of powerful healing and therapeutic botanicals, we want to share with you our personal care products that help you be good to yourself.

From muscle pain and insomnia to anxiety and low energy, the derived essences of natural plants and their constituent parts (flowers, bark, seeds, roots, stems, etc.) can be a transformative healing alternative. They begin to work on what actually ails you and the underlying problem. Modern medicine has only recently begun uncovering the chemical secrets behind what cultures and indigenous peoples around the world have always known. The healing properties of plants can begin to work for you without the adverse side-effects of synthesized pharmaceuticals and without simply numbing and sedating your symptoms for the time being.

In crafting our personal line of products, we have stuck to two basic principles:

  • Have our products be easily accessible, so we have infused the appropriate essential oils into everyday personal care items you already use: creams, soaps, and hair products.
  • Have our products incorporate 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, so that you may benefit from truly effective and genuine healing.

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